Online Store and Print-On-Demand Dropshipping

Design unique items like T-shirts, Mugs, backpacks and many other unique items and sell them online. They're created when ordered and shipped from the warehouse.


Print-On-Demand is a great way to apply your artistic skills and create some really cool stuff to sell online. The process is typically user friendly since there are a lot of first timers and there is tons of help out there.

There are a lot of differences between different suppliers from pricing, Print-On-Demand items that you can work with and even how you do your design. pricing and items available are pretty straight forward and really just requires you to look at the different providers but how you do your design is often not thought of until you're doing your design.

Two examples from my own experience are Printify and Custom Cat. I had used Printify for awhile and it's incredibly user friendly and has a built in designer so you easily make your designs (digitally) on the items you are making and can view a mock-up at anytime while creating your design.

After a little while I started looking around and found Custom Cat which offered more items and had better pricing on a number of items I was already selling so it seemed like a simple choice to make the switch. Unfortunately, it was not as "simple" as I had thought.

Unlike Printify (at least at the time) Custom Cat does not have a built in designer and requires you to instead make the design with the appropriate dimensions for the item you want to apply the design to and then upload them. Now, if you do graphic design professionally or are used to submitting things in this way, probably not a big deal but for me, this was completely new. I already had orders being made and the idea of switching providers and risking doing things wrong, having poorly designed (by me) items go to customers and then having to deal with refunds or exchanges - it was enough to make my head spin. So I ended up sticking with Printify.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of an idea of some things to look for when choosing a Print-On-Demand supplier but most of all and I can't stress this enough, look around, do research and ask questions.

Print-On-Demand Suppliers

lulu express
Custom Cat
T-Shirt Elephant

So... How do I sell my Print-On-Demand items?

You'll also need a way of selling your products online. Specificly, you'll need an "eCommerce Platform" - This is like your online store front. There are a number of differnt platforms out there to choose from.

Although setting up an eCommerce platform can seem like a bit of a daunting task, there's often a lot of help. From templates to live consultations with experts, eCommerce platforms understand that this is new to a lot of people and they want to do everything they can to help you succeed.

Below find a number of eCommerce platforms available. Just like with dropshipping, each platform has it's unique advantages so make sure you look through each one and do your research to find one that really suits you.

eCommerce Platforms


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