We are all in this together
Please use this as a resource to help you through the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic in the Kingston, Ontario area.

Updated at 2:00pm daily.

Confirmed Cases

Updates on confirmed cases in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and Worldwide.

How can You Help?

Ways you can help the Kingston, Ontario community through the Coronavirus (COVID - 19) Pandemic.

Fun things to do at home (Kids & Adults)

Things you can do at home for free.

Personal Safety

Personal safety tips for: Children, Teens and Adults, 50+/High Risk

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the problems we're all facing

Facts and Myths

A mix of Facts and Myths to help you understand Coronavirus

Employers, Employees and Self- Employed

Information for Employers, Employees and Self- Employed people.

Side Hustle from Home

Take a bit of time and start a side hustle to earn some extra cash or maybe pursue a future career.